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The BridgePark Capital Advantage

BridgePark Capital is a leading alternative investment firm that manages investments across multiple asset classes including energy, real estate, credit and specialty growth capital.

The firm was founded on the same principles that still hold strong today – a disciplined investment approach, employing high-quality people, partnering with the highest standards of excellence and aligning our interests with those of our investors and partners and translating that into attractive investment growth.

We are focused on sourcing unique opportunities within the areas in which we invest and pride ourselves in going where other firms can’t and don’t. Our approach is rooted in the pursuit of niches — narrowly focused market segments whose size or complexity serve as a barrier for entry to other investment firms. By developing both knowledge and sourcing advantages, we are able to own and exploit these niches to deliver above average, risk-adjusted investment returns.

We currently manage in assets across private equity, managed accounts and closed-end funds for both individual and institutional investors. Through our integrated investment approach, when you partner with BridgePark Capital, you benefit from the breadth and expertise of top professionals to fulfill your investment needs.

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